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The results of the PharmaHorse products are clearly visible in our horses!

The range of nutritional supplements in the equestrian sector is extremely wide and complicated. For that reason, it is a real benefit to us that PharmaHorse supplements are 100% pure. You know what you are buying and what you are feeding your horses. Because we at “Coomans Dutch Sport Horses” are active in the high level segment for horses, we cannot take any risks by administering any nutritional supplements for which the quality is not guaranteed or that contain no or virtually no active ingredients. The purity of PharmaHorse is the reason why we have been a loyal customer since the inception of PharmaHorse. We have been using PharmaHorse supplements for some time now, because the results are clearly visible in our horses.

It is also important that if horses are being used in competitions that the supplements used meet the FEI guidelines. All PharmaHorse products are 100% doping free.

We give a large number of training courses and guidance. We therefore check the combination and if desired I recommend an appropriate product. Two recent examples: I recently had a pony in the lesson that was rather nervous and I recommended using Magnesium Citrate from PharmaHorse. Another client came for a lesson with a horse with very little muscle definition and could have been slightly stronger. The horse had great results with Creatine by PharmaHorse.

All in all, we are highly satisfied with PharmaHorse!

Tim Coomans

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