FenuGarlic horse

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FenuGarlic horse

Why give your horse PharmaHorse FenuGarlic?

A balanced mix of Fenugreek and Garlic.
FenuGarlic is a supplementary animal feed that is naturally rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, organic sulphur and various minerals.

This widely used combination supports the health of your horse or pony.

Composition per kg
50% Fenugreek powder100% pure
50% Garlic granules100% pure

Directions for use:
Pony: 1 measuring scoops a day
Horse: 2 measuring scoops a day

1 measuring scoop is equal to approximately 20 grams.

Caution! Fenugreek may encourage uterine contractions; we recommend limiting the use of Fenugreek during pregnancy (stick to the low dosage or stop administering PharmaHorse Fenugreek temporarily).

Caution! Do not exceed the recommended dosage. For horses a serving of 0.2 grams per kilo of body weight is harmful to red blood cells; this means 100 grams of garlic a day for a horse weighing 500 kg. We recommend sticking to a maximum of 60 grams of FenuGarlic a day; then garlic is an extremely healthy addition to the daily rations.