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Multi Junior dog

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60 tablets +/- 30 to 60 days
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Multi Junior dog

PharmaDog Multi Junior multivitamins for young dogs. 

The most essential thing for a dog is healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise. Many types of dog food contain different types of vitamins and minerals that are added to fulfil this need. Sometimes a dog may require additional nutrition and this is certainly true for young dogs, who have a greater need for essential vitamins and minerals

Just as for humans, it is important for dogs to eat a varied and balanced diet. Since this is difficult to achieve, a multivitamin tablet can be used to supplement a range of vitamins and minerals. The tablets are easily digestible and do not have any artificial colours or flavourings.

PharmaDog Multi Junior contains water and fat soluble vitamins to ensure that the contents are absorbed properly into the dog's system .

All the benefits at a glance:
- For growing puppies.
- Specially tailored to meet the needs of growing dogs.
- Developed in collaboration with veterinarians.
- No colourings or flavourings.
- Economical to use.
- Composed of essential vitamins and minerals.
- Supplied in convenient resealable packaging.

Composition per kg (tablet is 800 mg)
Vitamin A550.000 IE / kg.
Vitamin D380.000 IE / kg.
Vitamin E1400 mg / kg.
Vitamin B1500 mg / kg.
Vitamin B2600 mg / kg.
Vitamin B664 mg / kg.
Vitamin B12150 mcg / kg.
Nicotinic acid7300 mg / kg.
Folic acid150 mg / kg.
Biotin17500 mcg / kg.
Pantothenic acid130 mg / kg.
Compounds of trace elements: 
E1 Iron1350 mg / kg.
E4 Copper42 mg / kg.
E5 Manganese74 mg / kg.
E6 Zinc1836 mg / kg.
E3 Cobalt12 mg / kg.
E2 Iodine43 mg / kg.

Directions for use:
1 tablet a day to 4 kg body weight
2 tablets a day from 4 kg body weight

Contents: 60 tablets

Storage recommendation:
Should be stored in a cool, dry place. Keep beyond the reach of children.

Caution: Due to the higher percentage of vitamin D3, cobalt, zinc, manganese and iron in respect to some foods, this product may only be added to 5% of the daily portion.