About PharmaHorse

At PharmaHorse we want to contribute to the health and well-being of your horse. We think there should be an appropriate supplement for each horse that needs it. A supplement of the highest and purest quality, at an affordable price. That's why we have introduced a comprehensive product range into the market, on the basis that effectiveness is the priority and the price should not stand in the way of prolonged use. All our products are of Human Grade Quality, 100% sugar free, 100% pure and guaranteed doping free!

Company history

PharmaHorse is the brainchild of two families, active in the equestrian and the pharmaceutical sector, with a shared passion for horses and food supplements. We noticed that food supplements for horses were often not made from the highest-quality ingredients and contained unnecessary fillers and flavours. We also found that the dose of active ingredient in the supplements was often too low. Our goal is and has always been to introduce pure products of pharmaceutical quality into the market, without unnecessary fillers and flavours. PharmaHorse was founded on that basis in 2009.

What makes PharmaHorse unique?

At PharmaHorse we have market knowledge: knowledge about horses and the available food supplements. Our product range, which continues to grow, has appropriate supplements for each individual horse.

PharmaHorse also stands for quality, by making use of pure, highly concentrated active ingredients. We achieve the highest possible quality by working with Human Grade Quality components. Our quality is the reason why PharmaHorse is appreciated by experts and many international horsemen and women.

In addition to offering the best products, we also want to give you the best service. We will give you a professional answer to your question and individual advice. We greatly value appropriate advice, which we hope will lead to positive results and satisfied customers. Read more about the experiences of our customers.

Dogs and cats

In addition to supplements for horses we also have supplements for dogs and cats. PharmaDog offers supplements for dogs in the form of capsules and pills. Our extensive product range has an appropriate supplement for every dog. PharmaCat supplements in the form of capsules.