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Welcome to PharmaHorse Nutritional Supplements!

The nutritional supplement market is huge and this makes it difficult to navigate. PharmaHorse distinguishes itself by the purity of its products, which contain very high dosages. Our products are recognized by veterinarians and physiotherapists. We attach great value to the opinions of these specialists and have therefore introduced a product line on the market that provides the maximum pure dosage. What we see with other nutritional supplements is that unnecessary nutrients are often added.  You then pay for a product that barely contains the active ingredient. Our vision is simple and clear: to introduce a comprehensive range on the market, whereby potency is paramount and price does not stand in the way of long-term use. All our products are pharmaceutical quality, 100% sugar free and 100% pure.

PharmaHorse products are available through our webshop, affiliated specialists, stores and/or veterinarians.

PharmaHorse spends a minimum on costly advertising and promotion. We prefer to invest in excellent service and affordable quality. Mouth-to-mouth advertising is therefore extremely important to us.
Our request: are you satisfied? If so, then spread the word. If not, then please let us know.


With kind regards,
The PharmaHorse Team