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Magnesium hond

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100 capsules
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Magnesium hond

Why should you give your dog PharmaDog Magnesium?

Magnesium is a vital mineral for many of your dog’s bodily processes. Among other things, magnesium plays an important role in the functioning of nerves and it is important for normal muscle activities. Change in behaviour and/or muscle tone could indicate a lack of magnesium.

PharmaDog Magnesium for young dogs?
PharmaDog Magnesium will not harm young dogs. Why give your dog PharmaDog Magnesium?


  • Plays a role in keeping your dog’s muscles supple
  • Plays a role in keeping the muscles strong
  • Contributes to very strong teeth
  • Supports the bones
  • Also ensures good functioning of the nervous system
Composition per 1 capsule
Magnesium*60 mg (Human Grade Kwaliteit)

Ingredients per capsule:
Magnesium citrate (400 mg) (16% magnesium), rice extract, vegetable fibres, stabiliser (pullulan)
* 60 mg magnesium (made of 400 mg magnesium citrate)

0 tot 10 kg 1 capsule per 2 days
10 tot 20 kg 1 capsules per day
> 20 kg 2 capsules per day

Contents: 100 capsules

To administer: Open the capsules and mix the contents in with your dog's food. The capsule is also edible.

Suitable for all dog types

Storage recommendation:
All PharmaDog products should be stored in their original packaging. Store in a cool, dark place, beyond the reach of children.