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Duo Protection Hoof

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Duo Protection Hoof

DUO Protection Hoof, for strong hoofs
Natural hoof fat recommended by farriers

Duo Protection is a product that provides care, nutrition and support for the hoofs of horses. It is made from 100% natural horse fat. Horse fat, includes, among other ingredients, glycerine and vitamins A and D.

Glycerine maintains the balance of moisture. Duo Protection is absorbed instantly and does not seal the hoof wall. Vitamins A and D are good for the growth of skin, coat and stratum. All this ensures faster growth of the stratum and a sturdy structure of the hoof.

Duo Protection can be used for recuperating bad hoofs as well as maintaining hoofs that are in good condition.

In addition to using Duo Protection for hoofs, it is also suitable for taking care of leather. It protects and nourishes leatherware. Duo Protection is transparent grease that is absorbed swiftly into the leather and does not stain. The glycerine ensures that the leather is continuously nourished and helps to prevent dried out and damaged leather.

Storage advice:
Store dry and at room temperature. Keep out of reach of children.

In addition to external treatment with Duo Protection, you can also support hoofs internally. Horse hoofs consist mainly of keratin. Biotin plays an essential role in creating keratin. PharmaHorse Biotin supports healthy hoofs, coat and skin. Use PharmaHorse Biotin in combination with Duo Protection for the best possible hoof care.