Why is our information so concise?

When you browse through our website and view our products, perhaps you have noticed that the texts of our products are limited to a short explanation about the effectiveness of various vitamins and minerals. As a manufacturer of supplements and herbs, we do have plenty of knowledge to share. However, we are bound to comply with strict legislation.

Claim regulations
PharmaHorse complies with claim regulations in sharing information about our products. To this end, we comply with European legislation and we share only health-related claims that are scientifically substantiated in texts that are understood by the consumer.

This means that all the information on our website, on the product labels and in the folders refer to scientifically proven effects that were approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). In short, we are 100% transparent about the proven effects of the ingredients in our products without assertions that have not been examined.  

How does this work?
When we examine a product such as biotin (Vitamin B), we are allowed to communicate about its good contribution to providing energy, its contribution to the formation of immune cells and as a supporting function for the immune system. We are not allowed to report on all additional advantages that people or animals may get from this, unless it is scientifically proven.

Is everything scientifically examined?
The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (Dutch: NVWA), the EFSA and other monitoring bodies focus mainly on scientific proof. Hereby, a remark should be made that this often does not apply to natural products, such as herbs. This often makes it difficult to indicate the applicability of products.

In short, perhaps our website is not filled with texts, but it does contain lots of scientific insights, proven effectiveness and knowledge. 

Customised advice
Do you have doubts or do you need appropriate advice to deal with your situation? Our team of specialists are happy to advise you about our products, make a choice for which animal you wish to receive customised advice.